Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lee Salamon and Gascoigne's Globe

An article by Lee Salamon, professor emerita at GW, was included recently in the electronic journal Early Modern Literary Studies. "Gascoigne's Globe: The Spoyle of Antwerpe and the Black Legend of Spain" is described by the editor as follows:

Salamon recovers Gascoigne’s internationalism and his deployment of an “imaginary of the globe.” Set within the context of geopolitical conflict and the “ideological anxiety,created in part by the growing array around the globe of Others with inexplicable ‘customs’ and practices,” The Spoyle demonstrates both Gascoigne’s astute awareness of contemporary international politics and his sustained interest in “global profit-seeking.” Deploying a nuanced reading informed by postcolonial theory and Bhaktinian discourse analysis, Salamon also recovers the text’s function as sophisticated and xenophobic propaganda that demonizes Spain...
Encompassing history, race/ethnicity, economics, constructions of Otherness, and more, Salamon's article touches on a variety of interests. Please view the full article.

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