Monday, November 10, 2008

Successfully Touching the Past

A generous thank you to the presenters, moderators, attendees, and colleagues (everyone, really) who made our inaugural event an overwhelming success last Friday. Our presenters spoke on touching subjects, indeed: Peggy McCracken's "shared state of being" in Marie's Lais which imagines an expansion of self and where an animal's touch is an embrace;  the "joins" in Eileen Joy's talk about Stanley Spencer and thinking of love of the world as a "making possible"; Julian Yates's Latourian ruminations on the pastoral and remaining within the "folds" of the sheep/not sheep; the "queer ecological point" Carolyn Dinshaw indicates in A Canterbury Tale that invites the possibility of a new historical culture, of multiple temporalities in the now. For a more articulate summary of the day (and night), check out the In the Middle post. I feel privileged to have been a part, and I am sure others share the same "touching" sentiment.  


Eileen Joy said...

I am still waiting for Lowell's promised werewolf ballads.

Jeffrey Cohen said...

Lowell THANK YOU for all your labor: you are the one who made it actually work.

Next time we will let you strum your guitar during the reception and maybe even lead us all in a CSNY singalong. Maybe.