Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Seminar on "Messianic Time and the Untimely" Sept. 17 2009

Please join GW MEMSI for its inaugural event of the 2009-10 year, a seminar entitled

"Messianic Time and the Untimely"

Three papers will be pre-circulated several weeks in advance, with presentations and a discussion on Thursday September 17 at 4PM:

1. Kathleen Biddick, "The Plague of the Sovereigns: Undeadening Messianic Time"
2. Julia Lupton, "Paul Shakespeare: Exegetical Exercises"
3. Jonathan Gil Harris, ""The Untimely Mammet of Verona"

The event is free and welcomes all who would like to attend, but registration is required. Details to follow late in the summer on this website.


Matt said...

For civilians, like me, whose untimely meditations have not advanced too far beyond Nietzsche and Benjamin, what is the shortest list of books/essays you'd recommend that might get us maximally timely for this fine fall seminar you have arranged? (My summer reading list is still a bit shy of capacity)

Jeffrey J. Cohen said...

My suggestions would be:

Julia Lupton, Citizen-Saints: Shakespeare and Political Theology, University of Chicago Press, 2005.

Gil Harris, Untimely Matter in the Time of Shakespeare

Kathleen Biddick, The Typological Imaginary: Circumcision, Technology, History(University of Pennsylvanis Press, 2003) and "Doing Dead Time for the Sovereign" (which you cab download here)

BUT we don't want anyone to feel that they need to read like crazy to prep. I will urge the speakers and discussants to be accessible. We may circulate some materials in advance.

Matt said...

Perfect. Thanks so much!