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AVMEO Program

Registration is now open for our conference "Animal, Vegetable, Mineral: Ethics and Objects in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods," March 11-12, 2011. Please register immediately to avoid disappointment.

Friday sessions take place on the GW Campus, at the Marvin Center. Saturday's sessions will be held nearby, at the Hotel Lombardy. This hotel is also the best place to stay for the conference if you are coming in from out of town. Rooms are spacious and recently renovated, and the Venetian Room on its first floor is the Official Lounge of the conference. Rooms are available at the conference rate of $179 night when you call (202) 828-2600 and mention group number #2277.

For directions to the Hotel Lombardy from Union Station and nearby airports, please contact Lowell Duckert [].

To cover the costs of catering and room rentals, the conference will charge a registration fee of $45 ($25 for graduate students). All sessions of concurrent papers on Friday and Jane Bennett's keynote lecture are, however, free and welcome anyone who wishes to attend. You do NOT need to register if you are attending only the free events on Friday.

REGISTRATION: You must register to attend the conference (except for the Friday sessions that are open to the public). The registration fee covers coffee, snacks and a reception with drinks and food Friday, and breakfast, coffee, snacks and lunch Saturday. You are also invited to join us for the conference dinner on Saturday evening; the fee of $15 includes both food and beverages. Details of the dinner will be announced soon, but we expect to hold the feast at a nearby Indian restaurant. You should register using your credit card and the button below:

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For abstracts of the plenary sessions, see this page.


All sessions at the GW Marvin Center



Marvin Center 309
Moderator and Opening Remarks: Jeffrey J. Cohen, GW

Karl Steel (Brooklyn College): "With the World, or Bound to Face the Sky: The Postures of the Wolf Child of Hesse"

Sharon Kinoshita (University of California, Santa Cruz): "Animals and the Medieval Culture of Empire"


Concurrent Sessions

I. Talking Animals

Marvin Center 404

Moderator: Sharon Kinoshita, University of California

1. Patricia Har (Cornell University): "More Life: Animal Encounters in the South English Legendary"

2. Eleonora Stoppino (University of Illinois): "Learning from Monkeys: A Feral Child in Fifteenth-Century Florence"

3. Sara Gutmann (University at Buffalo): "Chaucer’s Chicks: Ascetic Feminism in The Knight’s Tale and Parliament of Fowls "

II. Object Agency

Marvin Center 309

Moderator: Valerie Allen, John Jay College

1. Ben C. Tilghman (Independent Scholar): "The Object Speaks: Prosopopoeia and Objects as Actants in the Early Medieval Period"

2. Liz Angello (University of South Florida): "Tarquin's Prick"

3. Allan Mitchell (University of Victoria): "Toy Materialism"

III. Book Power

Marvin Center 310

Moderator: Julian Yates, University of Delaware

1. Whitney Anne Trettien (Duke University): "So that a Plant is, as it were, an Animal in Quires”: Nehemiah Grew's Biblio-botany"

2. Jonathan Hsy (George Washington University): "Creative Regeneration: Translingual Mediation, Organic Form, and Multilingual Merchant Miscellanies"

3. Myra Seaman (College of Charleston): "Objects of Forgiveness in MS Ashmole 61"

12:30-2 Lunch



Marvin Center 309
Moderator: Holly Dugan, GW

Kellie Robertson (University of Wisconsin-Madison): "Exemplary Rocks"

Valerie Allen (John Jay College of Criminal Justice): "Mineral Virtue"


Concurrent Sessions

I. Metals/Stone/Architecture

Marvin Center 404

Moderator: Carla Nappi, University of British Columbia

1. Cristina Pangilinan (Vanderbilt University): "Hoccleve and “Feoble Money”"

2. Shannon Meyer (University of California, Santa Barbara): "Tours, Bours, Linens and Ladies: Accessing the Female Body in the Clerical Imaginary of Medieval England"

3. Jaime Marroquín (George Washington University): "When Science and Literature Were One: The Historia General de las cosas de Nueva España by Bernardino de Sahagún"

II. Faith, Objects and Orientations (sponsored by GW MEMSI)

Marvin Center 309

Moderator: J. Gil Harris, GW

1. Haylie Swenson (George Washington University): "Marvelously Possessed: Human-Animal Interactions in Travel Narratives of the New World""

2. Mark Bychowski (George Washington University): "Christ on the Cross-dresser: Transgendered Images of God and Performativity as a Sign of Devotion”

3. Erica Carson (George Washington University): “The Sodomidical-Lesbian Kitchen: Subjects of Conversion in the Croxton Play of the Sacrament

4. Laura Feigin (George Washington University): "Paradise Peppered: The Spicy Search for the Path to Paradise in Milton's Paradise Lost and Early Modern Travel Narrative"

5. Theodora Danylevich (George Washington University): “Becoming-Eucharist and the (Homo)erotic Kitchen of Conversion: Exploring ‘Cokkys Peyn’ in the Croxton Play of the Sacrament and The Book of Margery Kempe

III. Ethics

Marvin Center 310

Moderator: Kellie Robertson, University of Wisconsin

1. Alex Brey (Bryn Mawr College): "Deconstructing Mshatta: A Case Study in the Ethics of Medieval and Modern Architectural Reuse"

2. Jessica Rosenberg (University of Pennsylvania): "Vegetable ethics and the work of instruction in Shakespeare’s Sonnets and Thomas Wilson’s ‘Epistle to Persuade a Young Gentleman to Marriage’"

3. Rob Wakeman (University of Maryland): “Ben Jonson in Lubberland: Slaughterhouse Ethics and Bartholomew Fair

6:00 Jane Bennett (Johns Hopkins University), keynote address: "Powers of the Hoard: Notes on Material Agency." Open to all who wish to attend.

Marvin Center 309

Introduction: Jeffrey J. Cohen, GW

Professor Bennett's keynote address is made possible through the generous support of the Wang Endowed Fund in English Literature and Literary Studies.

7:30 Reception (for registered conference participants)


(Hotel Lombardy)

Sessions open to registered conference participants.

8-9:30 Catered breakfast

Fortuny Room

9:30-11:00 Concurrent Sessions

I. Dark Materials

International Room

Moderator: Karl Steel, Brooklyn College CUNY

  1. Eleanor Kaufman (University of California, Los Angeles): "From Nutritive Souls to Mineral Souls"
  2. Denise Albanese (George Mason University): "From Natural History to Biography: The Social Life of the Early Modern Atom"
  3. Drew Daniel (Johns Hopkins University): "Black Bile: Object, “Quasi-Object”, or Assemblage?"

II. Wondrous Cosmology: Physics, Poetics, Biology (sponsored by postmedieval: A Journal of Medieval Cultural Studies)

Board Room

Moderator: Peggy McCracken, University of Michigan

  1. Liza Blake (New York University): "Golding’s Metamorphic Physis and the Meaning of Matter"
  2. Anna Klosowska (University of Miami, Ohio): "Madeleine de l’Aubespine’s Baroque Metamorphoses after Post-Phenomenology"
  3. Daniel C. Remein (New York University): "Towards a Poetics of Ornamentality and Wonder: Things and Physis in the Old English Riddles at the Crux of Empiricism and Phenomenology"
  4. Ada Smailbegovic (New York University): "From Osmotic Crystallizations to the Folds of the Microvilli: The Poetics of Surface Elaboration as Affective Amplification"



International Room

Moderator: Jonathan Hsy, GW

Carla Nappi (University of British Columbia): "You Don’t Mess With The Yohan: Cotton, Objects, and Becoming Vegetal in Early Modern China"

Peggy McCracken (University of Michigan): "Flower Girls"

1-2 Catered lunch

Fortuny Room

2-3:30 Concurrent Sessions

I. Fuck Nature

International Room

Moderator: Eileen Joy, Southern Illinois University

  1. Joseph Campana (Rice University): "Animal, Vegetable, Child: Futures of the History of Sexuality"
  2. Holly Dugan (George Washington University): '"Rude, Raw, and Muddy': Playing Ape in Early Modern England'"
  3. Vin Nardizzi (University of British Columbia): "Tree Huggers and Other Philodendrists in Early Modern Poetry"

II. Consider the Creature

Board Room

Moderator: Julia Reinard Lupton, University of California, Irvine

  1. Rebecca Davis (University of California, Irvine): “‘Cristes creature’: The Exposed Soul in Piers Plowman
  2. Donovan Sherman (University of California, Irvine): “Anti-Memorials: Flesh and Soul in Coriolanus



International Room

Moderator: Madhavi Menon, American University

Eileen Joy (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville): "The Middle Voice, Vicarious Causation, and Natality: A Manifesto"

Julian Yates (University of Delaware): "Sheep Tracks"


Objects and Endings

International Room

Moderator (and Concludor): J. Gil Harris, GW

Julia Reinard Lupton (University of California, Irvine): "Of Chairs, Stools and Trestle Tables: Scenes from the Renaissance Res Publica of Things"


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