Saturday, December 15, 2012

Spring 2013 Events

Mark your calendar for our spring semester events.

As always, all are free and welcome anyone who wishes to attend. More information about each will be posted on this blog as the date nears, and will be disseminated through our electronic mailing list as well (contact Emily Russell <> to subscribe).

And, if you have the resources, please consider supporting our 2012 Fund Drive.

Jan 25 & 26
Digital Humanities Symposium
Featuring, among many others: Elaine Treharne (Stanford), Will Noel (U Penn), Ryan Cordell (Northeastern), Candace Barrington (CCSU), Peter Donaldson (MIT), Dirksen Bauman (Gallaudet), Sheila Cavanagh (Emory), Katherine Rowe (Bryn Mawr), and Sarah Werner (Folger)

Feb. 19
Anthony Bale, guest lecturer at Jeffrey Cohen's graduate seminar to discuss his new translation of Mandeville and the work's cultural contexts. The class will be open to interested visitors. Readings will precirculate.

March 1
Will Stockton, "The Fierce Urgency of Now: Queerness, Presentism, and Romeo and Juliet."

April 5
Symposium: Ecology of the Inhuman

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