Monday, February 24, 2014

Crush with Will Stockton and D Gilson

GW MEMSI and the GW Creative Writing Program invite you to
attend a reading by GW's own D. Gilson and Will Stockton of Clemson University.  They will be reading from their new book of poetry, Crush, published by punctum books

Thursday, March 6th
Honors Townhouse * 7:30pm

714 21st Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20052
Free and open to the public

In Crush, a stunning collection of erotic poems and queer meditations delineating Stockton’ and Gilson’s mutual crushing on each other, but also all of the ways in which, sweetly and also sadly, affection ameliorates the anguishes that, despite our deepest devotions, are never constant, Stockton and Gilson write,
In Aranye Fradenburg’s words, Shakespeare’s sonnets describe “the love you feel for inappropriate objects: for someone thirty years older, thirty years younger. The kind of love that makes a fool, a pervert, a stalker out of you.” Let’s start here, for much of this description applies to Petrarchan conventions as well. Let’s start here, with this affective entrance into the poems and the impossibility of dispossessing the other’s voice in the manufacture of one’s own machine. Let’s start here, with a vision of poems as indexes of crushes rendered inappropriate, unhealthy by some gradation of difference and level of intensity. With the question of what distinguishes a crush from love if both turn you into a different self.
Will Stockton is Associate Professor of English at Clemson University. He has written a lot about about how people in the Renaissance had sex. D. Gilson is a PhD candidate in English at The George Washington University. He has written a lot about how hipsters have sex and are always disappointed.

Download a pdf of the event poster here

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