Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Entangled Trajectories

MEMSI and the Early Americas Working Group presents:

Entangled Trajectories: 
Integrating Native American And European Histories
Organized by Ralph Bauer and Marcy Norton 

Baptista Boazio (1585) at the Jay I. Kislak Collection of the Library of Congress

April 9 – 10, 2015
George Washington University and the Mexican Cultural Institute

This exciting inter-disciplinary symposium will take place April 9-10, 2015, at George Washington University and the Mexican Cultural Institute.

The conference is organized by the Early Americas Working Group and co-sponsored by the Kislak Family FoundationGeorge Washington University (MEMSI, History Department and CCAS ), the University of Maryland (Center for Literary and Comparative Studies and Miller Center for Historical Studies), the National History Center of the American Historical Association, and the Mexican Cultural Institute.

Registration for regular panels is now closed. In order to rsvp for Elizabeth Boone's keynote address, please rsvp here: http://www.instituteofmexicodc.org/exhibits.php

Preliminary Program
 Thursday, 9 April, 2015
8:30 Coffee and Pastries
9:00 Welcome: Ben Vinson III (Dean, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, GW)
9: 15 Introduction: Ralph Bauer (UMD) and Marcy Norton (GW)

9:30-11:15: Entangled Things
Chair: Colin McEwan (Dumbarton Oaks)
  1. Molly Warsh (University of Pittsburgh)
    Pearls and indigenous language, practice, and ecology in the early Spanish Caribbean
  2. Neil Safier (The John Carter Brown Library)
    Masked Observers and Mask Collectors: Entangled Visions from the Eighteenth-Century Amazon
  3. Margaret M Bruchac (University of Pennsylvania)                                                                   Take Me to the River: Navigating the Materiality and Messaging of Wampum
11:30-12:45: Entangled Languages 
Chair: Joanne Rappaport (Georgetown University)
  1. Galen Brokaw (Montana State University)
    Colonial Translation and Inca Culture
  2. Birgit Brander Rasmussen (Yale University)
    Guerrilla Philology, Guerrilla Linguistics: Sequoyah's Achievement Reconsidered
12:45-2:15: Lunch

2:15-4:00: Entangled in Conflict
Chair: Kathleen Lynch (The Folger Shakespeare Library)
  1. Karen Graubart (University of Notre Dame)
    Parallel Play: cabildos de españoles and cabildos de indios in the early Lima Valley
  2. David Silverman (The George Washington University)
    Firearms and Issue of Dependency in the History of North American Indians
  3. Ned Blackhawk (Yale University)
    The Overlapping Temporalities of Genocide and Settler Colonial Studies
 6:45: Keynote
2829 16th St NW, Washington, DC
Elizabeth Boone (Tulane University)
The dilemma of the gods and the familiarity of the kings: constructions of Aztec Identity in early colonial Mexico

Friday, April 10, 2015
 9-10:45: Entangled Perceptions 
Chair: Alejandro Cañeque (University of Maryland)
  1. Barbara Mundy (Fordham University)
    The smellscape of Mexico City: entangled perceptions of odors in the early modern capital
  2. Byron Hamann (Ohio State University)
    Las relaciones mediterratlánticas’: Epistolary archaeologies in the Iberian world, 1574-1586
  3. Dana Leibsohn (Smith College)
    Colonial/Cosmopolitan: Image-making and Indigeneity in Spanish America
 2:15-4:00: Entangled Spiritualties
Chair: Joan Bristol (George Mason University)
  1. Nancy Farriss (University of Pennsylvania)
    Whose Church?  The Indigenous Role in the Evangelization and cura de almasin Colonial Mexico
  2. James Maffie (University of Maryland)
    Double Mistaken Philosophical Identity in the Mexica-European Encounter
  3. Matt Cohen (University of Texas)
    Rethinking Reciprocity
 4:15-6:00: Entangled Metropole
Chair: Jeffrey Cohen (George Washington University)
  1. Nancy van Deusen (Queen’s University)
    All the World in a Village: Indio Slaves in Sixteenth-Century Carmona, Spain and the Shaping of Indio Identities
  2. Coll Thrush (University of British Columbia)
    The Unhidden City: Episodes from Indigenous London
  3. Jace Weaver (University of Georgia)
    Interbraided Destinies: American Indigenes and the Making of Modern Europe
 6:00: Reception

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