Tuesday, April 5, 2016

"Biopolitics: Law, Life, Land, Love" at Crip Ecologies

Please join us this Thursday April 7 at 4:45 PM in the Jack Morton Auditorium (GW School of Media and Public Affairs, at the corner of H & 21st streets NW) for the GW MEMSI sponsored roundtable: 

Biopolitics: Law, Life, Land, Love 

  • Julia Watts Belser, Georgetown University, "Body, Land, Catastrophe: Lodging Loss in Ancient Jewish Disaster Narratives"
  • George Edmondson, Dartmouth College, "Physionomos"
  • Randy Schiff, SUNY Buffalo, "Elitist Body Disciplining: Animalized Exception and Population Management in Medieval Romance"
  • Sharon O’Dair, University of Alabama: "Chronic Living, Chronic Dying."
  • Jen Boyle, Coastal Carolina University, "Is There Love in the (Queer) Telematic Embrace?"

The roundtable is part of the Crip Ecologies Conference and its full schedule may be found here. Like the conference as a whole, this roundtable is free and welcomes all who wish to attend.