AVMEO Conference

"Animal, Vegetable, Mineral: Ethics and Objects in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods" took place March 11-12, 2011 and was, in a word, vibrant.
This is an archive of relevant materials for those new to the event and those who wish to revisit it. Please explore, comment, and share:
1) Blog posts:

2) Eileen Joy's blog posts at In the Middle that include audiofiles of the plenary lectures and the keynote address:
  • "Get Stoned"
    • Valerie Allen, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "Mineral Virtue"
    • Kellie Robertson, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, "Exemplary Rocks"
      3) Our conference program:

      Animal, Vegetable, Mineral: Ethics and Objects
      in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods


      All sessions at the GW Marvin Center

      9:00-10:30: Animal

      Marvin Center 309
      Moderator and Opening Remarks: Jeffrey J. Cohen, George Washington University

      Karl Steel (Brooklyn College): “With the World, or Bound to Face the Sky: The Postures of the Wolf Child of Hesse”

      Sharon Kinoshita (University of California, Santa Cruz): “Animals and the Medieval Culture of Empire”

      Concurrent Sessions

      I. Talking Animals
      Marvin Center 404
      Moderator: Sharon Kinoshita, University of California, Santa Cruz

      Patricia Har (Cornell University): “More Life: Animal Encounters in the South English Legendary”

      Eleonora Stoppino (University of Illinois): “Learning from Monkeys: A Feral Child in Fifteenth-Century Florence”

      Sara Gutmann (University at Buffalo): “Chaucer’s Chicks: Ascetic Feminism in The Knight’s Tale and Parliament of Fowls”

      II. Object Agency
      Marvin Center 309
      Moderator: Valerie Allen, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

      Ben C. Tilghman (Independent Scholar): “The Object Speaks: Prosopopoeia and Objects as Actants in the Early Medieval Period”

      Liz Angello (University of South Florida): “Tarquin's Prick”

      Allan Mitchell (University of Victoria): “Toy Materialism”

      III. Book Power
      Marvin Center 310
      Moderator: Julian Yates, University of Delaware

      Whitney Anne Trettien (Duke University): “So that a Plant is, as it were, an Animal in Quires”: Nehemiah Grew's Biblio-botany”

      Jonathan Hsy (George Washington University): “Creative Regeneration: Translingual Mediation, Organic Form, and Multilingual Merchant Miscellanies”

      Myra Seaman (College of Charleston): “Objects of Forgiveness in MS Ashmole 61”

      12:30-2:00: Lunch

      2:00-3:30: Mineral

      Marvin Center 309
      Moderator: Holly Dugan, George Washington University

      Kellie Robertson (University of Wisconsin-Madison): “Exemplary Rocks”

      Valerie Allen (John Jay College of Criminal Justice): “Mineral Virtue”

      Concurrent Sessions

      I. Metals/Stone/Architecture
      Marvin Center 404
      Moderator: Carla Nappi, University of British Columbia

      Cristina Pangilinan (Vanderbilt University): “Hoccleve and “Feoble Money”“

      Shannon Meyer (University of California, Santa Barbara): “Tours, Bours, Linens and Ladies: Accessing the Female Body in the Clerical Imaginary of Medieval England” 

      Jaime Marroquín (George Washington University): “When Science and Literature Were One: The Historia General de las cosas de Nueva España by Bernardino de Sahagún”

      II. Faith, Objects and Orientations (sponsored by GW MEMSI)
      Marvin Center 309
      Moderator: J. Gil Harris, George Washington University

      Haylie Swenson (George Washington University): “Marvelously Possessed: Human-Animal Interactions in Travel Narratives of the New World”

      Mark Bychowski (George Washington University): “Christ on the Cross-dresser: Transgendered Images of God and Performativity as a Sign of Devotion”

      Erica Carson (George Washington University): “The Sodomidical-Lesbian Kitchen: Subjects of Conversion in the Croxton Play of the Sacrament

      Laura Feigin (George Washington University): “Paradise Peppered: The Spicy Search for the Path to Paradise in Milton's Paradise Lost and Early Modern Travel Narrative”

      Theodora Danylevich (George Washington University): “Perilous Orientations of the Flesh: ‘Cokkys Peyn’ in Nightwood’s Doctor’s Bedroom and in the Kitchen of the Croxton Play of the Sacrament

      III. Ethics
      Marvin Center 310
      Moderator: Kellie Robertson, University of Wisconsin-Madison

      Alex Brey (Bryn Mawr College): “Deconstructing Mshatta: A Case Study in the Ethics of Medieval and Modern Architectural Reuse”

      Jessica Rosenberg (University of Pennsylvania): “Vegetable ethics and the work of instruction in Shakespeare’s Sonnets and Thomas Wilson’s ‘Epistle to Persuade a Young Gentleman to Marriage’”

      Rob Wakeman (University of Maryland): “Ben Jonson in Lubberland: Slaughterhouse Ethics and Bartholomew Fair

      6:00: Keynote Address
      Jane Bennett (Johns Hopkins University): “Powers of the Hoard: Notes on Material Agency.”
      Marvin Center 309
      Introduction: Jeffrey J. Cohen, George Washington University

      Professor Bennett's keynote address is made possible through the generous support of the Wang Endowed Fund in English Literature and Literary Studies.

      7:30: Reception (for registered conference participants)

      All sessions at the Hotel Lombardy

      8:00-9:30: Catered Breakfast
      Fortuny Room

      Concurrent Sessions

      I. Dark Materials
      International Room
      Moderator: Karl Steel, Brooklyn College

      Eleanor Kaufman (University of California, Los Angeles): “From Nutritive Souls to Mineral Souls”

      Denise Albanese (George Mason University): “From Natural History to Biography: The Social Life of the Early Modern Atom”

      Drew Daniel (Johns Hopkins University): “Black Bile: Object, “Quasi-Object”, or Assemblage?”

      II. Wondrous Cosmology: Physics, Poetics, Biology (sponsored by postmedieval: A Journal of Medieval Cultural Studies)
      Board Room
      Moderator: Peggy McCracken, University of Michigan

      Liza Blake (New York University): “Golding’s Metamorphic Physis and the Meaning of Matter”

      Anna Klosowska (University of Miami, Ohio): “Madeleine de l’Aubespine’s Baroque Metamorphoses after Post-Phenomenology”

      Daniel C. Remein (New York University): “Towards a Poetics of Ornamentality and Wonder: Things and Physis in the Old English Riddles at the Crux of Empiricism and Phenomenology”

      Ada Smailbegovic (New York University): “From Osmotic Crystallizations to the Folds of the Microvilli: The Poetics of Surface Elaboration as Affective Amplification”

      11:30-1:00: Vegetable
      International Room
      Moderator: Jonathan Hsy, George Washington University

      Carla Nappi (University of British Columbia): “You Don’t Mess With The Yohan: Cotton, Objects, and Becoming Vegetal in Early Modern China”

      Peggy McCracken (University of Michigan): “Flower Girls”

      1:00-2:00: Catered Lunch
      Fortuny Room

      Concurrent Sessions

      I. Fuck Nature
      International Room
      Moderator: Eileen Joy, Southern Illinois University

      Joseph Campana (Rice University): “Animal, Vegetable, Child: Futures of the History of Sexuality

      Holly Dugan (George Washington University): “‘Rude, Raw, and Muddy’: Playing Ape in Early Modern England

      Vin Nardizzi (University of British Columbia): “Tree Huggers and Other Philodendrists in Early Modern Poetry

      II. Consider the Creature
      Board Room
      Moderator: Julia Reinhard Lupton, University of California, Irvine

      Rebecca Davis (University of California, Irvine): “‘Cristes creature’: The Exposed Soul in Piers Plowman

      Donovan Sherman (University of California, Irvine): “Anti-Memorials: Flesh and Soul in Coriolanus

      4:00-5:30: Ethics
      International Room
      Moderator: Madhavi Menon, American University

      Eileen Joy (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville): “The Middle Voice, Vicarious Causation, and Natality: A Manifesto”

      Julian Yates (University of Delaware): “Sheep Tracks”

      6:00: Objects and Endings
      International Room
      Moderator (and Concludor):
      Jonathan Gil Harris, George Washington University

      Julia Reinhard Lupton (University of California, Irvine): “Of Chairs, Stools and Trestle Tables: Scenes from the Renaissance Res Publica of Things”

      7:00: Conference Dinner at Rasoi (1810 K Street N.W.)